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Monday, January 11, 2010 at 4:02 pm

MORRIS—to Sarah Morris and Brian Morris of Bradford, a son, Simon Jasper, Dec. 3.

MARTIN—to Laurie Snow and Josh Martin of Bar Harbor, a son, Malorian Andrew, Dec. 3.

WEED—to Melissa Oliver and Benjamin Weed of Deer Isle, a daughter, Emma Elaine, Dec. 4.

THIBODEAU—to Heather Rickard and Lance Thibodeau of Ellsworth, a daughter, Brooklyn Taylor, Dec. 5.

PREBLE—to Kristen Kinsman and Paul Preble of Franklin, a son, Ayden Andrew, Dec. 8.

CLIFFORD—to April and Daniel Clifford of Ellsworth, a daughter, Kennedy Taylor, Dec. 9.

CURTIS—to Samantha Hooper and Leland Curtis of Orland, a son, Levi Lewis, Dec. 10.

NEWENHAM—to Jessyca Newenham and Keith Thompson of Ellsworth, a son, Tyler Labrawn, Dec. 10.

HOLLAND—to Tamara and Nicholas Holland of Jonesboro, a son, Ryan Mark, Dec. 13.

SHOREY—to Candice Shorey and Toby York of Orland, a daughter, Aliza Marie, Dec. 13.

FERGERSON—to Crystle and Michael Fergerson of Cutler, a son, Brady Alan, Dec. 14.

ZEIGLER—to Samantha Zeigler of Bucksport, a daughter, Anastasia Bella, Dec. 18.

RICHARDS—to Lauralee Maddocks of Hancock, a daughter, Rebecca Lynn Louise, Dec. 22.

LECLERC—to Janet Hart Leclerc and Marc Leclerc of Franklin, a son, Nolan Thomas, Dec. 20.

HALL—to Ashley Lyons and Patrick Hall of Addison, a son, Landon Michael Lyons, Dec. 21.

SMALL—to Adrianne Graves and Benjamin Small of Hancock, a son, Carter Lincoln, Dec. 21.

PERT—to Rachel Braun and Aaron Pert of Orland, a son, Tripp Aaron, Dec. 22.

FOWLIE—to Meredith and Justin Fowlie of Penobscot, a son, Avery Malachi, Dec. 23.

ALLEY-NEBLETT—to Brianna Alley and Peter Neblett of Franklin, a son, Asa Lucian, Dec. 24.

HARDISON—to Shannon Schimpf and Matthew Hardison of Sorrento, a son, Mason Cameron, Dec. 27.

CASCO-AYALA—to Xiomara Ayala and Nicolas Casco of Milbridge, a daughter, Merary Nicole, Dec. 27.

BRYANT—to Laura and Aaron Bryant of Ellsworth, a daughter, Lydia Ruth, Dec. 27.

RIVERS—to Jollean and Addison Rivers of Sullivan, a son, Addison Brice Rivers II, Dec. 29.

THROCKMORTON—to Darcy and Kevin Throckmorton of Trenton, a son, Noah Kevin, Dec. 29.

BROOKS—to Candy and Matthew Brooks of Harrington, a daughter, Abigail Grace, Dec. 31.


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